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Corporate Video

How we can help

With 20 years of corporate experience, most of it in marketing and product management, we understand your challenges and will advise and work closely with you to ensure the best results. Wherever possible we also bring the creativity and visual flair of our music video work to our corporate videos.

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  • Promotional videos for use online and at events
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • Training videos
  • Product demonstrations

Video isn’t just about expensive TV ads for big companies with huge marketing budgets any more. You can use it in all sorts of ways to help grow your business.

Customer testimonial videos are great if you are a service business. They let potential customers hear about your service and how you helped an existing client. Don’t be afraid to ask your good customers to do this for you! You will be surprised how many are more than happy to do it.

If you run events or seminars take them to a wider audience by filming them and sharing with those who couldn’t make it on the day. This is a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise.
You can also use video as a training tool for staff and clients.

The key to successfully using video to promote your products and services is to think beyond selling to people. Think about why your customers come to you and what knowledge and expertise you can share with them and with potential clients. Click on "free resources" from the Corporate menu above or subscribe to our newsletter for regular free tips and resources to get video working for your business.

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