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Great Drives - France


The first in a series of driver's guides to some of the best roads in the world. The informative DVDs are aimed not only at driving enthusiasts and bikers looking for great roads, but anyone with an interest in making the journey an enjoyable part of their holiday and seeing some spectacular scenery along the way. The series hopes to inspire exploration of the areas covered and provide ideas for visitors.

The “Great Drives – France” DVD starts with essential practical advice on driving in France, such as what to carry from both a practical and legal point of view. It also provides tips on route planning and the best times of year to go.

Each chapter of the DVD covers a different part of the country and features a selection of the best roads in the area, each fully illustrated with maps and on-screen notes. The 75-minute DVD features:


A stirring soundtrack featuring many superb up-and-coming bands supplements David McAlister’s warm friendly voiceover.

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Only £10.00 plus P&P or buy with the BlatSafe DVD for only £15.00 plus P&P

Blatsafe - Advanced Roadcraft


Join Mike Pullinger as he instructs two Lotus Elise owners on the sweeping roads of Oxfordshire and the Downs. The focus of this DVD is how to drive safely and progressively on the kind of roads that we enjoy when out for a blat - it is not about outright speed or vehicle handling at the limit.

BlatSafe is an introduction to skills such as good observation, planning and anticipation which can be practiced each time we drive, ultimately leading to a smoother flowing and more rewarding drive.

The BlatSafe DVD covers subjects such as attitude, preparation, smooth car control including acceleration sense, observation and anticipation, the limit point and extending your view through visual links, cornering, road positioning, overtaking and the use of commentary to improve awareness.


Only £10.00 plus P&P or buy with the Great Drives - France DVD for only £15.00 plus P&P